ok all i hear about flying V's are how bad they are. No one i know has ever really played one they just have heard from other people. Are they bad becuase the shape makes it hard to play or are the bad becuase of pick ups and other electric things? I personally love them and every guitarist idolize has one. So are they good or not?
pick up quaity depends on what model you get.
they can got annoying sitting down but there not built to sit down. there stage guitars and ment to be played standing up
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there are many different types of flying V's. Example: gibson flying v, jackson randy rhoads.... so they are all gonna have different pickups and stuff. as far as playing goes, flying v's take some used to if you are gonna play them sitting down.
I love V's.
I don't find it hard to play sitting down atall.
I've got a jackson randy rgoads by the way
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v's own!
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it's complicated to play them sitting down, but as far as i know they're great for playing standing up. they tend to have a nice tilt, so u don't have to be holding it up much with ur fretting hand and therefore u don't get tired fast.
i love vs just depends wich one, theyre a pain in the ass sitting down at first but but you get used to it eventually and theyre extremely comfortable standing up.
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I love my V... it's the most playable and best sounding guitar I have.

Get one, don't be afraid.
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i lovw flying v's. i wish i had bought one. the gibson one owns though
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