Well, this is an instrumental I've worked on for a few days. It's supposed to depict a soldier fighting in a war and ultimately dying. I doubt anyone but me will able to make that connection.

There are many different riffs and moods in this song, so it may sound a bit confused structure-wise, but I was kinda going for that. It was my way of trying to write an epic instrumental, but ending up with a 3 minute song. lol.
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very nice
i could listen to this all day
and i love the harmonized guitars
the only thing i would change is the ending
maybe a "concert ending" where you hold out the final chord and the drums do wierd things with cymbals and stuff, and another guitar does some ending shredding or something
just a thought
but other than that, good work
i like it
it was pretty cool. but right off the bat the drums stood out because they were too basic, and were just the same as the guitar. it may have sounded the same/better without the drums. but it was good work on the guitars, but if you want to really complete the song learn to sing like iron maiden or a band like that. i can vividly picture bruce dickenson singing in that, and it sounds awesome. but do whatever you want, im not the one to tell you to put vocals in. you are.
Wow. i LOVED it! Dude i checked out the other recordings too, dude, ****ING AWESOME! The drums arnt even that bad, they are damn good. Keep up the good ****. Stay Metal!
im loving the old school feel. This is a really really groovy song. Something you can get into while listenin to it. Really nice guitar tone, easy to listen to. Cymbals do stick out a little bit to much at times though. But overall it is a very good song.
good job and thanks for the crit, i appreciate that.
Nice dude, me and my friend came up with a song and i use pretty much the same type of thing you do at 30 seconds in...cept i change it up and put a couple pinches in there, pretty cool that we stumbled onto that stuff at the same time lol. Your tone is pretty good, the harmonized guitars rock. Drums don't really bother me, i mean what can you do...yah know. Ending was kinda...Abrupt though, over all great job 2 thumb .
pretty cool, had an iced earth type of feel, defenitly needs vocals or something, or more lead for it to be a more interesting instrumental. I LOVED the classical type part with the lead too, pretty sweet. like said b4, drums r pretty basic, but what can you do. very nice tone i like it, i could see it being pretty epic, maybe add a really lone like 5 minute clean part then come back to the distortion :-D. Nice riffing though
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I see you keep using the same tone and distortion... way to go ..
The Song:
Cool riffs , nice melody flowing in the song. Reminds me of Iced Earth ..
1:12 : very cool riffs dude.
All the riffs are well played with great tone (I remember you had a spider smth to get that tone)
In the second minute i liked the harmonics..
I dont have anything to crit . the song flows nicely through my room and into my ears giving me new realms of pleasoure by listening to music.

keep going mate ..
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holy nice man, that was great very cool riffs, nice tone, got kinda repetetive after a bit, could of had a longer solo, it was a bit short, kinda it was like just simple, try adding nice bends and vibratos, but overall great job
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thats awsome!! what are you using for drums?
i wud pay for stuff like that

I'm using Acoustica Beatcraft.

I know the drums are very very basic. Drums are really the last thing I think about when writing a new song, so I just threw them in there to try and give this tune some volume. And I'm not very good at programming beats.

As for vocals, I think I'm just going to keep this an instrumental, I just need to add some more leads to make it more interesting. I have a real deep voice that wouldnt really work with this music.

Thanks everyone.
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very cool man
"This one goes out to the crippled kids its called im still standing" seth putnam
Man that kicks ass...that's really good, as someone said before me, I'd pay for that!
damn dude, this song is badass. I can almost see a soldier sneaking around a corner, heart beating hard and fast and spotting the enemy......crazy. Maybe I wouldn't have thought about it unless you said something, but therein lies the beauty of a great title Awesome!

mine - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408712

edit - oops, posted the wrong link.....fixed now
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Wow this is one of the best things I ever listened to on UG... I loved it. First, the tone is not too harsh but it's still really punchy. So it's perfect for something like this. The riffs are amazing, and make you keep listening to the song. I really haven't got anything negative to say. Maybe you're right, I wouldn't have thought it's about war and death if you hadn't say so, but all instrumentals have titles that help you understand what the composer meant. Oh and, there's something that definitely reminds me of Maiden here, don't know what though.

Crit mine?
very nice... liking the harmonized guitars... however the Cymbals stick out too much lol... but i'm digging the guitar sound. overall its a pretty good recording
Well, considering that I really dislike metal, this was nice. The multi tracked guitars was nice gave it a nice feel. Riffs are very well done, great job man. I'm not really digging the plain old powerchord riffs, they're just too ordinary. Drums are good, but there shouldn't be as many bass drum hits, it just sounds off to me. That may just be my aversion to metal though. You should have put in more of the multi tracked guitars though man, they were really cool, but then you dropped them for pretty much the whole thing. Brian May of Queen did some really cool guitar orchestra things with tons of tons of melodies, harmonies, and all sorts of crap...it would work really well in this song I think.

Nice job!
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