sittin out on the back porch, guitar in my hand
wonderin to myself bout the things in life, that never seem to go as planned
but the main thing on my mind is, oooohhhhhhh
how you make me feel...

i close my eyes and i think of you, and the last time i looked in your eyes
and i remember how i felt when i held u, and i felt like i could fly
and i shiver to myself as i remember
ohhhh, how you make me feel
theres clouds overhead and i look around, and the rain's startted to fall
and i look up in the sky and i think to myself, someone's giving me a wake-up-call
but you're still there in my mind, and oohhhhhh
how it makes me feel.

ok so here is a song that i have been working on, i had it on a different thread that unfortunatly got closed becuase i put a poll up. my bad guys. anyways, im looking for some feed back here, obviously im making it longer and working on it but still tell me what you think