I have a telecaster. I have replaced the bridge PUP with a humbucker and I have replaced the neck with an active single coil.

Because one is active and the other passive I can't just wire the pickup outputs to the jack via volume controls because they will not work togwether like that. So, I have two alternatives: I can build a circuit that will allow me to buffer the outputs and blend the signals. But, I can't design or buiild circuits like that so I have to go with the easier alternative of simply selecting either one pickup or the other with a simple switch. But I have never done any kind of pickup modding at all, so I would like your help please.

Here's what I want. After you've read it you can tell me what I can have

For the bridge pickup I want a volume control and to be able to split between single coil and humbucker modes. I have a DP switch with a push-pull pot that I think is actually designed for this purpose. Please tell me how to wire it. Note: I do not want any out of phase options.

For the active at the neck, I would expect this to be louder than the bridge passive pickup, so it will need to go through a volume pot. I want to wire this so that the power connection is made when I plug the guitar in. I have a stereo jack, can you tell me how to wire it please?

Now I need to be able to switch between pickups. I figure that it would be easier to use a switch that is set to one pickup in the UP position and the other pickup in the DOWN position with no center off. So, I will have to buy a switch like that. I think, as basically all I need to do is use the switch to break one of the output wires I need a single pole double throw switch, yes/no? I should be able to work out how to wire that but I don't mind if you want to validate my brilliance with your input.

Help appreciated, thanks