S & L Forum Rules and FAQ [read before posting]



One song per day, two songs per week
Too many threads flood the forum, not to mention that it?s quite rude to have a lot of songs up there at once. You can have one song posted in a day and no more than two songs posted in a week. If your thread is closed because you broke this rule, then you need to wait another seven days from the time it was closed before you can post another one.

Your songs must be a minimum of four lines.

This is the minimum length which a song must be to be eligible for critiques. Any shorter and your thread will be closed.

For some reason, you people do not understand this rule. Your subject header must have ONLY the title of your song or work of writing, with the option of including the genre in brackets. No ?PLZ CRIT,? no ?I really need help with this,? no ?this if my first song,? NOTHING. SUBJECT HEADER. TITLE ONLY. If your title is wrong, your thread is closed. It?s quite simple, really.

No polls allowed in threads.
Also: No extra characters in your thread title, i.e. \\\++++The DeAtH to My PaRrOt++++///. That?s annoying and stupid and will result in your thread being closed.

Constructive criticism only

Comments such as ?good job plz read mine ? do not help anybody. Similarly, no ?ur writing sucks ass, go die?. You don?t need to be ultra-positive about everyone?s writing, but that?s just sensible posting. Spam comments are also not welcome and if I see you doing any of these frequently, you will receive a warning.

No offensive songs/lyrics

This can be a problem because there?s some leeway for interpretation so I?ll clear things up: if your lyrics contain racist, homophobic, sexist, grotesquely disturbing, overtly and graphically violent or just plain insulting lyrics, including lyrics with flagrant ?censor aversion,? then it will be closed and there?s the likely possibility for a warning. And I have the final say on what?s offensive or not.

Comment on other peoples songs

Don?t post lyrics and expect them to be critiqued unless you critique others. That?s selfish, not to mention rude. Some choose to include a link to their latest work in their posts when they FULLY critique someone else?s writing. Consider if ?S&L Karma? to give critiques on others? songs in response to their critique of yours.

Songs MUST be original

This isn?t a huge problem, but from time to time I see copyrighted lyrics being passed off as one?s own. This will result in an immediate warning.

This forum is for original work only.

This is not the place to ask for help on how to write lyrics; we have a large ?Lyrics Tips? thread for that. No ?Do you write lyrics or music first?? threads, no ?Who is your favorite lyricist?? threads, no ?Help me put music to this? threads. This is not the place. Those threads will immediately be closed. If you?re unsure as to where to put a thread, please PM a mod of this forum (like myself) and we?ll be happy to help.


Can I write funny songs?
There?s no reason that you can?t, although they will be closely watched to make sure they are not offensive, and that people do not go off topic. Threads with spam comments will be immediately closed, and the offenders warned.

Is there a limit on how long a song can be?
There is no length limit (although regular posts are limited to 10,000 characters) but your songs must be at least four lines long. This rule has changed from eight lines, due to demand in the Forum recommendations thread. However if I see this rule being abused I will change it back again.

Can I bump songs that are not receiving critiques?

No. If you bump your thread for critiques it will be closed, and if I see you doing it repeatedly you will be warned.

Can I post prose or poetry, rather than lyrics?
No problem

NB. These rules will be enforced rigorously, and any severe or persistant breaking of them will result in warnings and or bannings.

Thanks for your time,
The S&L mod crew.
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