Okay, still a beginner. Been playing for about a month. But not seriously, still trying to nail basic chords. I wish I could play for more than 5 hours straight everyday though.

The thing is, is it even possible to learn Music theory on your own? Or maybe I should just take a class in college about music theory ? I can barely understand some of the stuff from the book I am reading; like time signatures.

Should I even worry about music theory right now? Should I wait till I've been playing for like a year or so ?
I wouldnt worry about it. If you can take a course in college for theory then by all means take it.

Try to get the concepts of the guitar down and try to develop as a guitarist. It would def help to know theory but take it a step at a time. Learn your scales and chords, the barre chords and then learn the theory.

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id say wait until you become good at your style of music, but still have a look at the basics, like quarter notes, eighth nots and such, just to get going
i didnt start music theory till about a year and a half in
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It's not essential at all, but pretty helpful. People says it suffocates your musical creativity and makes you right music in a format, they are dead wrong. It just provides the language for you to express your musical ideas.

I took AP Music Theory in high school. It was pretty nice. It can be difficult to learn on your own though. If you are serious about writing music, it would be a good idea to take a class. If not, this site is great for answering questions.
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the basics of music theory are not that hard, but when it comes to the harder stuff, you should definitely take a class if at all possible. i wish i could...... damn it all to hell!!!
In the future (hopefully the near) I was planning on improvising, I think that's where the fun begins. Making your own solos and riffs....or borrowing parts from other songs and changing notes/chords...whatever.
All the theory i've learnt, ive learnt from Ultimate guitar and im doing quite well..
It depends how "dedicated" (for lack of a better term) you are to learning theory.
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