my friend has an sm58 that he wants ot give me for $20...its new [he doesnt know the worth ]

anyway...would this mic be good at all for micing amps and acoustic guitars? i know the sm57 is made for that...but how would the sm58 work? thanks
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the sm57 and 58 are VERY similar. like, the main difference is that the 58 has a built in windscreen in head, while the 57 has the flat head. there is also a slight difference in the frequency responses of the two mics, but it isnt huge. so yeah, it will work for micing amps. for acoustic guitars you really want a condensor, but the 58 will work well enough. and at $20, i would take that mic off the guys hands so fast i might get a finger or two with it.
for 20 bucks get it.
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