Hi, i have no clue on whats a good amp, ive researched and researched and it seems just about every amp under 400 is a peice of ****. I have an UltraGP eastwood guitar, and would like to know what amp is good for its full potential. Hopefulyl somethign over 100 watts. Ive been plugging my bass amp to my computer and using amp programs to get a good sound distortion tone out of it... its pretty bad ass but i defiently need a good guitar amp with some mean tone, cause this isn't going to cut it. Before that i've been using a epiphone amp that came with my past guitar (custom les paul epiphone). Anyone have any idea.. if i have too i could spend up to 500, but i don't.. what do you guys use. remember i need MEAN TONE!
I've already looked at the marshalls and crates.. it seems a lot of people have marshalls, but there are a lot of unhappy people with it. Then there are some people with crates and a few occasions of disasterious stories. help me out here.
400 What? Pounds? Dollars? Euro?

Also what kinda music do you play? If you use a lot of distortion, most people will probably say a Roland Cube 60. If you play some lighter stuff then maybe check out the Vox ADVT series?
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I would like versatility.. you know from blues to metal but if there isn't anything for that.... something that can really dig the black sabbath, system of a down, kyuss, queens of the stone age sounds.
Vox Valvetronix. Best if you are playing all over the place in styles. Cube is good but mostly only shines in metal IMO.