I'm kind of new to this, but I just purchased a new B-52 AT100 and cab, and can't seem to get my pedal board hooked up to my new amp and working.
If I plug straight into the amp, all is good. But when I plug in, and loop my pedals through the back of the head, nothing!
i dont bother with the effects loop, i always plug my wirless through the pedalboard and into the amp
make sure the effects level on the back of the amp is turned up enough. Which effects are you putting in the loop?
Due to my previous amp, a Crate, my pedal board consists of a Boss tuner, Digitech Death Metal, Boss Metal Zone and Boss Super Chorus

Thanks for the advice!
put the distortion through the main channel and the chorus through the effects loop...

and what i do with my regular tuner is have an output of my head going to the tuner

but you have a pedal tuner, so you could put it in either the effects loop or the main channel

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