ok say im doing a song and im soloing in a pentatonic scale. say im using the most common shape, the one with the 6th string root note. now say i want to add in the use of some modes. the question is, where do i start the modes? do i start them where the would be in relation to the scale? by this i mean if i were to take the a minor pentatonic, that basic shape would be the aeolian. the shape behind it would be the mixolydian. so is this how i should be mixing the modes in, in relation to the scale shapes and where they should be according to which shape it is, OR, do i start the mode from the root note of my pentatonic scale?

so tha would be like if i took my minor pentatonic and with out changing positions, i turn it into the dorian or something. is that how i do it? do i transform the pentatonic into a mode, or do i find where it would be on the neck, as if it were a regular major scale?

hope its not too confusing.
The Pentatonic scales, no matter how cool, are very linear, for example, as long as the following notes are not going to change, 1, m3, P4, P5, m7, as long as your scale or mode contains that, then it is easy to change your pentatonic scale into a mode(for minor). So you could revert to Aeolian, you could revert to Phrygian(b 2), you could revert to Dorian(#6) just so long as the basic notes of your pentatonic are left unaltered. . . . but this is just a more simplistic explanation. As far as starting on a specified tone, that would depend on what you are wanting, classical music, you would want to start with something relative to the chords, possibly throw in an enharmonic passing tone. . . . Your question seems to baffle me because it is a bundle, but I hope this answered a few of them.
The first question would be what is the chord progression you are playing over? You will want to choose the mode(s) that fit over the progression. For example:

If the progression is | Am | Am | Dm | Em | you could use A Natural Minor.

If the progression is | Am | Am | D | Em | you could use A Dorian.

If the progression is | Am | Am | Dm | Edim | you could use A Phrygian.

A minor pentatonic will also work with all of these.
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