Anyway, most of the song is easy enough, but I'm having trouble with the solo. Especially the part where Page starts doing a fast series of bending. This part below:


over and over again.

Anyway, I can't play that fast enough, and my fingers are tripping over each other.

any advice on the fingering to make this more comfortable and easier?

no funny business.
Slow it down and slowly speed it up using a metronome. I wouldn't reccomend having my middle finger on the 14 while you're bending the string. I would fret the 13 with my index finger and bend the string with my index, middle, and ring fingers. Then after I release the bend I would hit the 14 with my middle finger.
I get what you mean, that caused me problems for a little while, most of the cool little pentatonic riffs like that tend to cause problems at first because you can't start out playing them fast like the guitar greats, and really the best information you could be given has already been given to you by WhiteLight. . . . Metronomes are great for getting in shape to do fast licks, just depending on your skill level I would start it out at 80 BPM then go up to about 90, then try 100, the only thing you have to remember is keep time. . . like a professor I once had told me. . . . because I was a rusher on everything, if you can't get the time right and the beats right, pull the metronome back, because it isn't doing you any good until you get the time right. . . . if you mess up, the problem you have is your metronome is set to fast, just get acquainted with the motions and procedures you need your hands to make though.
You're just gunna have to start slow, and practice it for a few days. Walk round the house playing it on your guitar for a few days, that's what most of us do.