Same here.
"Isn't it amazing anything's accomplished
When the little sensation gets in your way
Not one ambition whisperin' over your shoulder
Isn't it amazing you can do anything " - Gord Downie

From the song " Fireworks"
Oddly enough same hear! lol.... but not to brag, im a fast learner, and this guy i used to play in a band with has played for 6 years and i can do alot more things on a guitar than he can
10 months woohoo...im a fast learner and can do more than a friend who has been off and on for about 4 years
2 years and a few months
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1 year 11 months and 18 days
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3 Years, but I haven't learned much in the 3 years. I have about the equivilent of about 2 or 3 months of experience, though I'm faster and more accurate than most beginners.
every day for around 6 years so far .. first 4 on acousic only, then got an electric .
3 years
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**** how good must you be -- 5 hours is a long time?!!?

I have been playing

8 months 3 weeks 4 days

been very into guitar for bout 7 of those

practis as much as i can which is alot some days not alot others (work and school)
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about a year since i got my guitar- but im teachin myself- and im not a very good teacher so does that count?
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**** how good must you be -- 5 hours is a long time?!!?


im alright, i think
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