Ok I was watching this video of rock guitar basics and this guy is showing you some exercises you can do to improve your picking and fretting together and improve speed. I dont have a problem with fretting and doing ho's and po's fast but when it comes to actually picking the strings using alternate picking realllly fast thats where i get stuck. I cant alternate pick on even 1 string reallly fast. and the guy on the video is like..."picking on strings like this is quite easy, but fretting while you do is another" and then he would alternate pick this string extremely fast. Every time I try to do it its a disaster..so is there any tips that can help me alternate pick reallly fast???
Well this is what most people have problems with when they start to alternate pick for the first time.

And usually its actully upstrokes that cause the problem but this may help.

1) Lightness.....be very light on alternate picking not tensing up and just let it flow.
2) Dont try and go too fast....you have to build speed it doesnt just come instantly.... Try a tempo....then speed it up.......if you cant do it, go back to the original tempo
3) Every time you play, when you feel that you can alternate whatever your playing do it.... its a habbit that you gotta get into for speed!