how long do you think it takes to learn to sweep pick? i just want to learn one sweep riff that is like 5 notes just down, ive been playing 2 years, do you think im not experienced enough? and also where should i begin?
I think what matters is having all of your fingers in decent shape , meaning use the f*cking pinkie. I'm learning to sweep with high amounts of gain and it makes me feel like I suck. All I can say is I wish I started sooner , so by all means jump on it. Learn it.
yea, i use my pinky i always do drills with it like 1234 1234 etc, but how shuold i begin?
get a metronome and start slowly, and you need to work on both hands getting the right technique

the sweeping motion with the picking hand, and fretting the notes with the fret hand
ive been playing 7-8 months and i can sweep pick with okay speed, so you should be fine. Just dont pick anything too hard. Protest the Hero has a lot of sweeps, if you like their music.

Try playing arrpegios to get you started.
it took me about a month to be able to do one or two patterns repeatedly. i kept practicing and practicing and one day it was like i was magically able to do it. its all about synchronizing your hands. its good to start out as fast as you can without sounding sloppy (which should be around 2 notes per second) and work your way up. if your trying it and its just sloppy and strings are ringing open and stuff, that means your doing it too fast.
yes but im confused on the techinique, i mean its almost like a chord..i dont see how people pick 2-3 notes on a string only picking it once
Just don't use too many fingers, if you get it too busy you will be like Matthew Heafy from Trivium and screw up more, barre the area with your index finger and progress from there, you shouldn't need to use your pinky all that much for sweeping, but you may occasionally throw it in, mostly just your middle and ring finger, unless you decide to throw in a little extra high end or something.
For me sweeping is just something that came with practice, like playing Thunderstruck, after playing it long enough it just clicked. Sweeping, at least the way you hear it most often, involves a lot of fretting hand speed, try running a scale in triplets as fast as you can, that will help a bit with correlation between picking and fretting hands, as well as speed in the fretting hand. I like to use the pentatonic scales a lot, which takes less fretting hand speed until you speed up the movement of the picking hand. There are tricks to make a sweep sound smoother, No Seatbelt uses one good trick, more distortion will smooth out the sound a little bit due to the extra sustain, ouchies has good advice, lightly pick, if you pick too hard you slow down your picking hand and make the sweep sound less smooth, and barring like notsee says is a great idea as well, everyone here has given great advice you just gotta use it. This is yet another case of practice makes perfect, run your scales, run them fast and often, it'll pay off no matter what, and remember to practice your hammer-ons and pull-offs, they are an essential technique. How's that for a sleepy rant?
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hi, my advice is to practice without an amp, if you are able to pley it smooth then, at least you will be sure it sounds perfect with an amp attached. also to mute open strings from ringing, slightly palm mute, just enough to cancel out unwanted tones, but you should be able the notes you want to hear :P im still getting the hang of it, ive got the speed, but the unwanted tones are a problem :P also for a great lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mbx03mP5eg
its easy to have good sounding sweeps without an amp. You have to factor in muting strings and such sometimes. They wont jump at you without an amp and distortion, but with them you'll probably hear some things you have to correct. Im basically putting myself through sweep bootcamp and the only thing i can tell you is to really work on your right hand (or picking hand) technique. Make it so you can go up and down fluently for as long as you need to. Start on certain fret hand patterns and once you get both hands working together, find another shape to work on.
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