Ok I have questions on guitar strings.

1. My guitar was one that I bought at guitar center and it was on the wall so it's probably been played a lot. I've been playing it 4 hours a day and its been 2 weeks since I bought the guitar. Should I change em?

2. I bought D'addario .10 gauge Regular Light Strings. I'm not sure what gauge is on my guitar right now. Is there a way to find out? It's a schecter c-1 elite.

3. Will I have to do anything extra to install my fresh strings onto my guitar right now if it isn't the same gauge? If so how?

edit: I found the answer to #2:
What brand & gauge strings are used on the Diamond Series?
All Diamond Series 6-Strings come factory strung with GHS Nickel Wounds. (10/13/17/26/36/46). Schecter Basses also use GHS Nickel strings (.45/.65/.85/.105) 5-String Basses add a .125 for the low 'B'. Schecter 7-String guitars electrics use a .056 as the low 'B'.

So I shouldn't have any problems installing the strings right?
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Compare the current 6th string to the new one you are about to put on. If they are around or even the same thickness you will be fine. If you notice a difference, you might need to make an adjustment to your neck so the tension doesn't warp it.
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i usually play my strings till one of them breaks, or if they just sound really bad, (crappy brand) or are hard to tune. but ya, its up to you, fresh strings sound nice, but all strings lose thier "brand new" sound after not too long.
yea i think your good for now id keep going till they break or till they sound completely like ****
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1. If they sound dull then sure, go for it, but after 2 weeks you probably don't absolutely have to.

2. You answered it yourself

3. The new strings have the same gauge as the old ones so you have nothing to worry about, but if they were a different gauge you really wouldn't need to worry about it. 10's are generally considered a "standard" gauge and your schecter wouldn't have come with anything less than 9's or more than 11's...and changing the gauge by 1 mm really isn't threatening to your neck. If you ever end up going for really high gauge strings, or skinny-tops/heavy-bottoms, then you need to make a few minor adjustments.
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you dont have to do anything extra.most guitars come stock with .10s