For those of you that don't know (most of you I'll bet) The Doors released two albums 1971 and '72, Other Voices and Full Circle respectively. If you bought the two disc version of The Best of The Door you've probably heard "The Mosquito," labeled "No Me Moleste Mosquito" and said album. That song was from Full Circle. I'm merely mentioning that to reduce the number of comment saying "The Doors suck without Jim" and the like.

Anyway, I've heard one song from the albumOther Voices and I liked it. The album which actually fared pretty well (#31 on the charts)has been quite difficult to find. So, for those of you have have bought, listened to or even seen it, What did you think of it? What did you have to go through to get it? How much was it?
"There's Jimmy Page, one of the biggest thieves of American black music to ever walk the Earth."
I've heard "The Movie" from 'An American Prayer'...it's kind of weird.
"...And I'm pretty sure what you did to my children's snowman is illegal, if not, sodomy."
-Stephen Colbert: 'The Colbert Report'