I have been working on my picking accuracy lately and have been getting frustrated as my finger speed increase, but my picking hasn't caught up. I read a little bit, and found out that I was holding the pick wrong( between the tip of my thumb and tip of my index finger). It felt really awkward when I changed how i held the pick, but ive gotten used to it, and it really helps. JUst thought I share that, and see if this has happened to anyone else?
Well recently I've been really wary of the way I hold the pick. Where did you get the information on the correct way to hold it? I can't tell if it feels uncomfortable because I'm trying to play too fast or because I'm not doing it right.
yeah, for me it wasnt finger placement that got me, it was my picking. but after non-stop practicing of 1234 1234's i got it together.
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Not me. It happened oppositely for me. I have pretty great accuracy and stuff with the pick, but I'm not the fastest on the fretboard.
I kinda suck ballz with a pick i miss strings and stuff and ive been playing for 4 years but im pretty good fingerpicking but then again I'm a bassist on the side
aww crap, I'd been holding it with the tips of my fingers too

I guess I'm going to have to start breaking the habit. This is a bittersweet realization. Hopefully I'll get better now though.
Thats stupid. How could you palm mute like that? I thought there wasn't a proper way to hold a pick and it was all whatever felt right for you. Who picks like that?
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Yeah, I'm a member of the grab it and play group, the only thing I ever did was loosen up my grip on it, I was holding onto that thing so hard it made my playing sound kinda funky, I loosened up and it went fine. Just play, try some different things, keep in mind depending on how you are playing holding the pick differently may be helpful, I find myself holding a pick a bit differently if I'm playing fast or playing a lot of rhythm sections, just go with what is comfortable, guitar should be smooth, like another arm, not uncomfortable and ankward, like 8 arms would be.
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Ive always held my pick like that picture, instinctively
Good for me
lol i used to hold it like Hetfield the '3 finger grip' but that way i coudln't do pinch harmonics so i changed and now i'm whippin 'em out left right and centre
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