I'm having the usual problem of trying to solo using a scale I just learned, but I end up just going up or down in the scale. I try to do a bit of string skipping but it sounds horrible. Any advice?

Also, would you recommend learning the patterns in a scale, or would it be smarter to know the notes on the fretboard and the intervals of the scale your playing and go by that?
You should study alot of Pink Floyd or Zeppelin music...

They use alot of scale patterns and you can learn alot..
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I would suggest learning all that you can, all the positions of each shape and use them to their entirety, experiment with things such as articulations. . . bends, pinch harmonics, legato playing style, the cute little walk up 5 notes, start four back, walk up five, or six and walk back five. . .however you like to do it. . . . I'm a major Camel fan, so I guess if you listen to "Lady Fantasy" you will know what I am talking about by that, but as far as string skipping, I'm not a big fan of it sometimes, but you just have to make sure it agrees with any chord you are playing under it. . . . I love my 7ths and 6th intervals, but I'm not a big fan of the octave, but the 9th and 11th and 13th usually sound good as well(complex intervals so technically a 2nd, 5th and 6th, just an octave higher) but yeah. . . also chromatic passages and enharmonic passing tones are the way of the future.
Try not thinking about that one scale, think about the other scales around it as well, one thing I like to do, as wannabe rocker as it may sound is run up a scale then just kinda jam around on the bottom three strings. Try to do it while listening to a song, preferably on the radio, so you don't know what exactly you're getting, put the scale where you think it would be based on the sound of the song, and just kinda jam on it, listen a bit to what the band is doing on the radio, try to mock them and throw in your own bits at the same time, I find it so much easier to solo in a more unique way when you have something to go with and break away from.
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