So I'm in search of a 5 string bass. I've been checking out lots of different basses. I tried some mexi fenders, but i want an american if i get a fender. American fender 5's are super hard to find. Anyway, I tried some stingray 5's and Bongo 5's and I need something a little more mellow. I tried some warwicks, and I like them tone wise, but i cant get over how ugly they are. I also tried an Ibanez srx705 which was nice too.

Anyway, my question is: Other than what I have previously tried are there any other 5 strings you recommend?
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personally warwicks are now my top choice... have you looked a ibanez Sr505 and the Sr905 are good
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guitar centers usually have at least one 5 string fender

lol i was there the other day and i say a jazz so i pick it up and begin to play. every thing sounds horrid. then i relize its a 5 string with the bottom string missing so i was playing on the wrong strings. :P
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Dude...Warwicks are probably gonna be your top choice. It sounds like you can afford at least the models in the $1000-2000 range. What nodels have you looked at? Certainly, not all of them are going to be ugly by your standards.
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washburn has some nice 5 stringers, i have an XB925 coming hopefully in a week.

i suggest you check them out, they are grat basses that dont break the bank. where are you in so cal?
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