Hello. I just bought a DiMarzio HS-2 and since i've never changed a pickup I'd like some guidance . It's a stacked humbucker wich I want to use in single coil and in humbucker mode. What I want is to wire it so I select a mode with the tone pot (someting like min-single coil max-humbucker).
There is a red cable, a green cable, a bared wire that I suppose is ground and a black and a white cabled soldered together. What do I do?

Thank you very much for your help

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You need a push-pull pot. There are instructions included with the pot on how to wire it to get coil splitting. If these instructions are missing, go to www.dimarzio.com and find your pickup. They have instructions for each pickup.

Basically, the ones that are soldered together are going to be your coil tap wires, and your red and green are going to be your hot and ground, and the bare wire can be wired either directly to your bridge or to the ground on the pot.
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I can't do it with the tone pot?. in case I use the push-pull, how do I solder it? what's the "hot" wire and is the green ground too along with the bare wire?

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
You want to use the tone knob to switch between single and humbucker?

0 = single coil
5 = halfway between single and humbucker
10 = humbucker

something like that?

i know pacman-man did the same thing, you might want to send him a pm
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