My life is basically peace and love so thats what most fo my songs are about. Also anti-war.

Dear God

Dear God,
It?s me,
I hope you hear this,
Because I really need you,

Your minds awake,
But your body?s sleeping,
Nobody knows,
What you?re dreaming,
When the dawn breaks,
Evil will come,
Upon four horsemen,
Watch them run,

Why do men,
Always fight with each other,
Stop fighting,
We need to defend,
Our right as people,
Our right as humans,
Our right as equals,
Or we?ll be ruined,

Everyone on this earth,
Is one and the same,
All the ones they hurt,
Ain?t it a shame,
We need to defend,
Our right as men,
This world we live in,

And so God,
I thank you for everything I have,
My one and only request is you help this world,
Thank you and Amen.
umm where it says stop fighting we need to defend, how the hell do u htink we do defend, sry man i didn't really like it, especially since i am not the religous type and think that stuff is all just bull****
i can imagine it being a good song, though i´m not religious at all. good work. the god thing sounds good
... f***k! you`re still ugly