NME.COM can reveal who has been filling for Chris Wolstenholme in rehearsals for V Festival...

MUSE are looking to Streets to solve their bassist problem at V FESTIVAL, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

As reported on NME.COM, the band have said they're "committed" to playing their summer festivals despite an injury to bassist Chris Wolstenholme.

Wolstenholme injured himself while on the road in the US, forcing the group to come back early, pulling the last three dates.

NME.COM can reveal that the band have been in rehearsals with a new bassist, sparking speculation that Chris has been told he won't be well enough to perform this weekend.

Morgan Nicholls, who has collaborated with [a][/a], including an appearance on the Number One album 'A Grand Don't Come For Free' is the man in the frame to play at V. He has also played in Skinner's live band in recent months.

A source familiar with the rehearsals told NME.COM: "He's the only guy they're thinking about working with at the moment. Everyone is still hopeful that Chris can be involved in some capacity during the show though."

Muse close the V Festival at Hylands Park and Weston Park in Stafford (August 21-22).

anybody know how new this is?
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This is REALLY old. This was back in '04 when Chris broke his arm playing football on the US tour.

The date is August 17th, 2004 lol. I'm not a huge Muse finatic. If anyone comes in and confirms this, I'll close the thread.

EDIT: Nevermind...

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