So basically my 'rig' if you can call it that is:

Ibanez RG120 - i really love this guitar...its so playable on the neck, and just a really quality solid guitar for the low price.

Line 6 Spider II 30 watt amp - i can get some nice clean sounds out of it using the tape echo and chorus effects already on the amp, so at least i havent had to buy effects pedals..and it does have a decent hard rock sound.

i have a takamine acoustic and an ibanez bass but thats irrelevant to my question,
whats my next step?

I feel pretty content playing this guitar, and im not really in a band right now, so the amp is all well in good since my playing is all at my house or at friends'. but I do have a fair amount of money saved up from a job, about 1200, and was wondering, should i get a higher priced guitar and bet on it being a much better guitar, should i get a better amp? or should I save up for a more sizeable amp like a head and a cab, instead of the combos...those from what i hear can cost well over 1200...even twice or three times that much.

Just looking for some advice. I think I've kinda become a guitar gearhead because in the past 6 months ive spent well over 1500 on an acoustic, a bass, a bass amp, two guitar pedals, etc...so i don't want to just be spending money because i have it to spend you know?
any input would be appreciated..

EDIT: sorry, stupid, forgot to mention i play Red Hot Chili Peppers, (i bought a boss blues pedal, so the line 6's digital tone doesn't make it sound totally like sh*t...), Tool and other hard rock/metal sounding bands, Porcupine Tree which has nice cleans and some good distortion.

I've also only been playing 7 months, but am religious at practicing...i know by comparison to people playing much longer im sh*t, but for the time I've been playing I'd say I am above the average. not to sound egotistical though.
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Get a new amp....what kind of music do you play?
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split the money so you can have more on the amp and get a decent amp. if your not planning on gigging then you can get a solid state or a small tube amp unless if you plan on gigging you may want a bigger amp