ok...i bought a mighty mite neck off ebay and the only holes that came pre-drilled were the tuner holes...do i have to drill holes for everything else, or could i just make the holes by screwing in the screws?...i havent tried, i dont want to end up splitting the wood or anything...thanks for the hlep
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youll have to drill and make sure they line up, if you mess up dont worry, just woodfill and try again.

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Place the neck on the guitar. Take a sharp slender object like an awl and mark the holes by inserting it through the holes in the body. Then drill the holes. If you have access to a drill press, use it. It'll keep the holes straight.
Another tip is to measure how deep you want the holes to be, then put a piece of tape around your drill bit so you know when you hit that depth.
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I have a question about the same topic:
I read that to properly allign the neck you should put the 2 E strings on and center the neck based on the strings. Should this be done when drilling the holes or should you drill the holes and fit the neck and then put the strings on for final allignment? If you drilled the holes first how could you be certain that you'd be able to allign the strings if you drilled the holes off by a little bit?
From my experience there is not much room for movement once the neck is in the pocket. The routing is usually the key factor here. I've replaced a number of necks in the past and have encountered no problems with the strings lining up. If you have any doubts, I would check the alignment first by the method you described. Then mark the holes when you are sure that everthing lines up properly. Drill the neckand then install. Snug the screws up just enough to allow some movement, then recheckthe alignment. Tighten everything up and restring.