"Roland?s famous Cube amp lineup expands with the hot new Cube 30X. With great new features such as Power Squeezer® for maximum sustain without maximum volume, a fully equipped guitar tuner, a mini-jack aux in for playing along to MP3 and CD players, and of course that incredible Cube sound, this amp is built to rock!"

Is waiting for the new version of the Cube 30 to come in stock worth it? Or should i just stick to the regular Cube 30?
If you think the new acoustic simulator, power squeezer and an onboard tuner wouldnt make much different, then just go for the old 30.
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i personally would just get the regular cube 30 unless the upgraded model was only like a 50usd dollar difference then i really would stick with the original
If you're not dying for a new amp you could wait abit because there's a chance the old cubes will go on sale when the new ones come out.
Nice, but the value really depends one how much more than the Cube30 they price it at. I could see people not needing the extra features and just using the amp as a practice amp. But for beginners starting out its really handy to have a guitar tuner and compressor in the amp.
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