I have sen alot of plays play with their left hand come from above their necks to play the guitar instead of the normal from under. players like michael angelo batio. Its impressive and hard to do. What i was wondering if it could benificial to you normal playing to practice playing that way? thanks
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ive tried it. its alot harder than i thought it was. ive seen SRV do it before. i cant find that video anywhere though. anyways, its a good trick if you can do it. i dont know if there are benefits of doing it that way. i havent really looked into it though.
Just a personal opinion, but Michael Angelo Batio is just a circus freak, he can play two guitars at once and he probably hasn't really had a girlfriend since his mullet was in style(okay, a female mullet, the fullet.) Valid point, he has a lot of circus tricks or at least a few, but I wouldn't really try to craft my playing techniques after him, SRV gets a bit redundant after a while, but nothing wrong with him. Even being a Technical Black Metal/Prog Metal guitarist I get tired of the mundane things like Pinch harmonics, I guess I'm hard to satisfy.
I might use the over-under bit for a few things...

1. A trick. I very rarely do it just as a trick, but it's fun once in a great while.

2. Tapping. I sometimes do it overhand to mute the bottom strings, and yes this will take practice to strengthen your fretting hand.

3. For slide guitar, I can't always reach the uppermost area over the pickups comfortably, so I swing the slide over to play. Still requires practice, but mostly to get used to "feeling" where the notes are way above the frets.

So, one useless and two useful functions for me.
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I wanted to start doing it so I tried playing the Am scale across the neck and then ascendign across the neck and its harder than it looks but it does work some muscles better. It made my hand feel a lot more worked out, I guess is how to say it, than normal excercieses.
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I've never seen it used as anything practical, just something fun to do, I guess it could help you to look at things in a new perspective or get a scale down better somehow, but I just do it when I feel like doing something purely showoffish, like playing behind your back or head.
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