so i heard somewhere (i cant remember exactly where) that you could tune a guitar to what they call pentatonic tuning. it's supposed to be that you tune the low e-string to the root note of a pentatonic scale and tune the next 4 strings to the next 4 notes of the scale, and end the last open string on the higher octave of the root note.. so d pentatonic tuning would be from low to high: d e f# a b d. going from this, how would scale patterns work out in this tuning? i've asked some other friends who play how this would work out but they've never heard of what im talking about. any ideas/comments would be appreciated. thanks!

never heard about this, but it would depend on which pentatonic scale your using, which one is the tuning you have here?
Just a personal opinion, but it would be too chaotic to bother. . . . for that I hate alternate tunings, they are mostly for lazy people anyways. . . . not downing it, I mean, Alice in Chains did it for good reason, but still, other than open chord tuning functioning like that and just trying to get out of using more than your index finger. . . that is pure laziness.
Pentatonics are already easy enough. If you need to simplify pentatonics, then you are a dipshit.
Never heard of it, and scales would become vertical, you'd simply play downwards and be playing half a pentatonic scale, at least I think that's how it'd work, it's late, I'm tired, and I haven't done anything with theory in a while, and it's late, so don't trust what I'm saying.
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