hi name erik im 15 and just bought a ibanez bass and crate BT50 so im new to playing bass i only know a few songs any tips or tricks would be helpful or even tabs that could help me out to get better would be good

I think what Brown Eagle means to say, is that bass is incredibly simillar to guitar on many levels. In standard tuning, it's the same as the top four chords on the guitar. So, if you learn guitar, you'll be learning much of the same technique you can use for bass...
In a Gadda Da Vidda by iron Butterfly. I love playing that song more than anything. Easy, fun, and makes you horny when you play it. Also stick strickly to fingerpicking, cause thats kinda hard to get used to at first. Learn NIB by Black Sabbath. Helps with hammer on' and pull off's. Then Money By Pink Floyd Cause that's just a badass song.
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Learn to play in all styles to make yourself more versitle and well rounded, and also learn different techniques...I'd start with fingerstyle, picking can be picked up (no pun intended) later on, and eventually try adding some slap/pop to your repetoire.
Also, don't get too frustrated early on if you have some buzzing notes (assuming your bass was set up properly...if you didn't have this done, I'd say it'd be worth the money it costs to do it, in order to get the most out of it). Odds are, your fingers aren't pressing down the string enough because your fingers aren't strong enough. The nice thing about bass is that it'll strengthen your hands and build up callouses on both hands in a hurry which will do nothing but help your playing. Stick with it, and have fun