So my Rg370 has got some fret buzz on the first couple frets of each string. Ive tried raising the Edge III incredibly high but it still buzzes on the first few. I figure the truss needs to be adjusted and I dont want to mess with the truss, because I know nothing about them.

So is there anyway to raise the action at the nut? There's screws on the opossite side nut on the neck. Not sure what these did so I figured I'd ask.

Also, would it be possible to put something real thin under the strings in the nut to raise the action? lol, it'd be a little sketchy but would it work?

you sound like you don't know what you are doing.
Take it to your local luthier and get it done, and make sure to ask how he did it
(so you can do it in the future)
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Consistent fret buzz on the first frets means your neck doesn't have enough bow - which means truss rod adjustment is in order.

Padding the nut with something might work, but it's not the cleverest solution out there. Give the neck just slightly more bow, and the buzz goes away - however, if you've never used the truss rod before, read up here or let someone who knows do it.
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you could either send it to a guitar shop for a whole complete set up or do it yourself. so just post back if you wanna
well I called up the guitar shop, and they said it's around 50$ to get the whole thing set up. I'm thinking I might do a lot of reading up on it and if I feel comfortable doing it, maybe try it myself.