my top ten favorite female bassists (in no order):
1. johnette napalitano (concrete blonde) - my bass idol!
2. jennifer finch (L7) - she rocks my face.
3. maya ford (the donnas) - she also rocks my face.
4. michie nakatani (shonen knife) - saw her perform live... rocked it.
5. annie holland (elastica)
6. d'arcy (smashing pumpkins)
7. melissa auf der maur (hole, smashing pumpkins) - an inspiration to me.
8. rayna foss-rose (coal chamber)
9. kim deal (the pixies)
10. gail ann dorsey (david bowie) - good player, and cool lookin', too.

now, tell me your favorite female bassist(s)!
Gail Dorsey ala Bowie. Funky. And it always looks like her 6 strings are bigger than she is.
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Gail Ann is my fave. She is by far one of the coolest bassists, male or female ! Patricia Day is great, as is Sheryl Crow (yes, she plays bass!!). I also like Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads and last but no means least...Carol Kaye, the best female bassist ever imo
Gaye Advert from the Adverts who were around for all of ten minutes
Charlotte from the Subways : )
D'Arcy from Smashing Pumpkins
This one, couldn't figure out her name, she played with Bright Eyes..
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Chalotte Cooper and The Magic Numbers' bassist whose name I can never remember.
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I also like Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads

i think Tina was great. she also co-fronted, the Tom Tom Club.
the bass player for the B-52's in later years was also good.
Hahahahaha. I read the first one as Janette Napalitano.........Who is in the fact the governor of Arizona.
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D'Arcy (Smashing Pumpkins), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins), and Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) are the only female bassists that pop into my head, but they're very good
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Hahahahaha. I read the first one as Janette Napalitano.........Who is in the fact the governor of Arizona.

.......Please tell me you're from AZ, because if you aren't and just know that, well...that would be crazy.
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Carol Kaye, hands down.

She played on many of the West Coast hits from the 60s and early 70s, including songs from the Beach Boys, the Monkees, and some Motown stuff. She even played on that funky later period Brady Bunch theme music!

She's still around and still playing bass.

She was the first female session bassist to come up the ranks and be considered one of the best, and she set the standard for all female bassists to come, whether you know her or not. If you are a female bassist, you must acknowledge her for being the first.

There a few modern rock pioneers out there, like D'Arcy, Aimee Mann, Kim Deal and Tina Weymouth.

N'dege O'Cello is also a great bassist. So is Rhonda from Prince's group. They are definitely not root note thumpers--and they rock the house.
Jaco de Lucia.

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