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I Saw You Through My Lenses
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Let's Dance On The Inside
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She Is...
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I Saw You Through My Lenses

I saw you through my lenses, a pale complexion
Marked distinctly with smooth curves and cavernous dips
Your edges frayed yet washed with vigour
Licked clean with a white foam wave

I see you from afar, and recognise your beauty
Amazed by your fragile ecosystem
Like that of the wilderness of Earth
And I love your soft, delicate heart

Yet I still end up asking
Why is it I should learn to appreciate your complexion
Your curves
Your skin
Your character
Your personality
Your heart

Because it's inevitable that one of us
Will lose out
When one of us



Lets Dance On The Inside

Every body dance inside
you tried to decieve
you wouldn't believe
all the emotions i hide
You've broken my heart
you tore it apart
ill always stick by your side

Ill never forget what we did
under the covers in your bed
for you my heart bled
but you left me for dead
you went for him instead

Ill never forget what we had
whyd you go and tear it to shreds
im so sorry but im just fed
up and thats the last thing she said
her voice keeps echoing in my head


She Is...

She stands on the edge of sanity
The waves of euphoria crash at her feet
She feels salvation brush past her
But she doesn?t care
She?s a child of nature
You can?t tell her what to do
She?s independent and free

Lapis lazuli line the path
Shining it?s rich blue in her eyes
But she doesn?t mind
After all, she put them there
In her head of course

Nighttime comes with a whip of her tongue
This gypsy child is all but fun and games
Protecting those who need it most
Against those who delve in dark arts

A lullaby show and she?s almost home
She can see the multitude amass
Precarious on the stepping-stones
Faultless on the ragged path
She defeated insanity
She bathed in euphoria
This dirty, gypsy child.
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whoever wrote the third one is awesome, very complete piece, I'm going with that

(also, the third one's color isnt working Melson, just thought I'd let you know)

Edit: okay, nvm, your quick like a cat, or a cobra, or a cobra-cat