Can someone please explain to me tritonal substitution and give me and example? Thanks
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Alright, a tritone is an interval of three tones. It is equal to a diminished fifth or augmented fourth interval, and it is half of an octave, if you notice.

Now, with tritone substitution, look at your basic dom7 chord. The distance between a major third and a dominant seventh is.... a tritone! I believe these are the two most important notes for resolving a dominant chord (V) to the major I. (The dominants third leads to the major chord's tonic, and the dominant seventh leads down to the major third of the I, unless I'm mistaken).

Now, let's take the third and seventh, and reverse their functions. Say you originally have a Gdom7, with B as the third and F the dominant 7. We make F the major third and B the dominant 7. The root of this new dominant 7 is Db. Notice that the new root is a tritone away from the original.

Now you might wonder, why bother doing this? In jazz, tension and the resolution of that tension play big roles. Dominant chords usually lead up to a resolution, so the more tension you give to them, the more "pull" there is to resolve, and the sweeter it can be when you do. The new root in a tritone substitution would be the flatted fifth of the original dominant chord, and the new fifth would be the flatted ninth, two notes that help create tension.

Also, one of the most common progressions in jazz is the ii-V-I. Do a tritone substitution for the V, and you might notice a nice descending chromatic thing. A ii-V-I in C could be Dmin7-G7-Cmaj7. Do the substitution, and you get Dmin7-Db7-Cmaj7.

You might also try using a Mixolydian scale up a tritone over a dominant chord for a slightly "outside" sound.

As for applying these in a band setting, you probably want to talk to a professional or jazz teacher about this. My old teacher told me something along the lines of "If the guys in your band are hip, they'll follow the substitution right along with you". However, since I don't play with jazz groups very much, I can't say that it happened to me.
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So what would be a good voicing for that progression?

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