Since I haven't seen a thread about one of my absolute favorite bands, Don Caballero, I'd figure I'd start one. Start some discussion, even if its just about math rock in general (if you think Mogwai kicks the hell out of Don Cab), lets hear it!
Don Cab are (were) and amazing band. I still haven't got around to getting the latest album, but I'm not sure I desperately want it as pretty much the whole band changed.

EDIT: I lie, Rough Trade kindly sent me a copy of 'world class listening problem', so going to have a good listen to that in a minute.

EDIT 2: On first listen it sounded really good, with the exception of track 8 ('Theme from bricktop clowns') and the beginning of the final track ('I?m goofballs for bozzo jazz'), but that picked up and turned into a really good song. Going to give a bit more time, but a lot better than I was expecting this time around from them.
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I've heard a few songs, some good.

I'm not really sure about Math Rock. Does simply calling something Math Rock make it so?There is math in all music...
Well, the common definition of math rock is rock music that constantly uses off times like 5/4, 11/5, or 13/6, etc. like Don Cab or Mogwai use. They don't have to be instrumental like them either, but that is just the summarization of all the definitions I've heard. Another band I would recommend that is kind of "math rock" ish, would be Philadelphia's Stinking Lizavetta. They're a lot more prog and metal than anything and they're also very unique. Female drummer, bassist plays an electric stand up, and the only vocals comes from the guitarist howling into his pickups. Check em out!
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I would recommend my personal favorites: American Don, which was the final album featuring Don Cab's old line up: drummer Damon Che, guitarists Mike Banfield and Ian Williams and bassist Pat Morris. Also, their new album, World Class Listening Problem, is a bit of a different sound because of the departure of all the original members except Damon Che who, in my opinion, IS Don Caballero, is an excellent album. From there, I would suggest working backwards through their catalogue. Enjoy everybody!
I see your scars...

You may scream on the pyre, but salvation only comes by fire.
I passed up a chance to see them a week ago.. I was rearing to go and then I wasn't sure if they would only play new stuff with williams and banfield gone, which would have been disappointing.

My favorite song off of World Class... is 'railroad transaction,' which is funny because it doesn't sound like Don Cab at all.

My friend has II which is quite good. I've prefered their noodly, jazzy stuff more (like peter criss jazz) than the assault.

One of my favorite math rock bands with vocals is Volta Do Mar. They add a very earthy vibe to the two bassist + extremely bizarre guitar work vibe. They'll all chant in unison, hum or just make noises along to the beat and every once in awhile songs'll have full on vocals (only in parts though).

Totally addicted to these guys. I only have #2, so I am totally looking foward to checking out their entire catalog.
This thread totally reminded me to buy an album off these guys. I've been meaning to for almost a year now...

So American Don is it?

It is always difficult to start with bands that have a huge catalogue behind them. Just too overwhelming!
I'd start with American Don. This band is so good though. I got 'World Class Listening Problem' a few weeks ago and i've been hooked' 'Palm Trees In The Fecking Bahamas' is a tune!
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