heys, i just bought a line 6 spider II 30 wats, and it has a good rythem guitar sound but am a lead guitarist and i dont knoww hich amp is good for a lead soundt.he lead settings in this amp is really annoyin ,the destortion is annoying and u feel like theres a buzz or rattle in it.. i want an amp with good lead sound.a sound like metallica's sound or slash's sound..also i want it to have a good rythem sound..sooo any ideas.. iw as gonna go to the guitar shop and try all thier amps..but ..going with an idea is better than nothing...thanks
Get A Good Distortion pedal Try out digitech death metal pedal(yah i dont like death metal ) but good pedal.
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heys, i just bought a line 6 spider II 30 wats,

first i have one question... why jk i had the same amp befroe and that stuff was realy pissing me off so i bought a mesa f-30 (around 1000 US) check it out it's amazing!!
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not to sound stupid but do combos sound as good as tubes?

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Er.... what's your price range?
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