Here is my latest piece. All of it is piano or distored. Most of it is very eerie or dark sounding, maybe even like something in a horror movie. I change it up a little for the solo. Well give me some comments on it and I'll return the favor.
The Vanity of Sanity.zip
Very Cool man...I wish i could right something like this...It dose have a very Creepy feel to it...It might just be me but i thought that the electric guitar took away from the Creepiness in the beginning but the solo was sweet It just flowed from creepy to upbeat then back to Creepy

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I liked the song a lot, there were times when I thought certain chords clashed w/ the lead parts but then like once it kinda settled into my ears it sounded right you know what I mean? Also the solo was pretty awesome, reminded me of an Iron Maiden solo I can't think of. Good job.
That was cool. I especially liked the part at Q=135 from about measure 20 to 31. I liked the solo, too. It did have a sort of creepy feel to it, but not necessarily like a horror movie.

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I don't mean to toot my own horn (as 1 - it wouldn't be very humble of me and 2 - I'm probably not that flexible), but the rhythmic sections of this (with the piano) remind me a lot of my own playing when I'm just hanging out with friends, enjoying the tranquility of relaxation, etc. etc. etc.

Overall, it was a pretty good piece. The solo is what I had the biggest problem with. It's good; but it felt as if it were going too fast. I'm not one of those people that are under the false impression that fast automatically means there's no feeling behind the music; I love fast, but for the tempo of the rest of the song, it just took me out of the mood of the song. It's like when you go to a concert and the band plays your favorite song off tempo. Maybe it's because I've been awake for ...well, it's been at least 36 hours and I've worked 2 full shifts in that time... But, as I stand .. or rather, sit now, that's my only note.
I liked it alot but i think some parts were a bit streched and boring, i'm sure if you add vocals it would be better, liked the solo i think it might have been a bit out of place, i wasn't really feeling the multiple tempos in this song, it is pretty hard to pull of correctly and i think the tempo changes just seemed slightly forced
but over all i'd say 9/10

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wow, thats all i ever say about your stuff, lol, my favorite part was from bar 15 on out, the solo was amazing, and the rhythm was just there to back it up the whole way, nice job! crit mine if you get a chance, Moving song (Power-Tab) its more of an idea for a song, but thanks, and sweet song
I thought it was rather...boring. Most of the measures just seemed to drag on and on. Though I loved measures 20 - 23 and the solo. I just think the piano bits were rather bland, and didn't catch my attention. *shrug* but that's just me.