Hello everyone!
Well, I figure it's about time I ask you all for some help...

I've been playing for about five years now, on and off...I'm a decent player, but I seem to be lacking any structure in my practice, or much technical knowledge.
Yes, I know...that sucks.
I have a teacher, and I have had a teacher ever since I first started...the same one...
However, she's never assigned me any scales, finger exercises, etc...
Good friend though, decent/good teacher...I'll stay. +laughs+

Anyways, what are some scales that would be useful for me to practice each day? What are some techniques that are useful in a variety of genres?
What sort of songs do you fellow UGers suggest? Something a bit challenging, but nothing absolutely crazy, please.

As stated before, I'm a decent player, but compared to others who have been playing as long as I have, I'm below average...After so many years, I've finally just REALLY gotten into guitar, aside from the first bit when I started...It's sad, I know.
I like to play anything, mainly metal, hard rock, and a bit of blues (also some classic rock as well)...

Thanks so much everyone for your response!^^

~Wahrheit Lied
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so youv been playing for five years and u dont know any scales or techniques???? holy ****!!
well start with the basic pentatonic scale:

And start learning som chromatic exersises aswell

ummmm for song choice... try learning sum wolfmother songs... theyre all pretty simple and fun to play, so give them a try...
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Thanks much!
Yeah, I know it's bad. I know a few scales, but I've forgotten the name.
I do know basic techniques (hammer on/off, bends, etc), but nothing much over average...
I would really like to develop some structure in my playing, as well as music theory...Again, thank you much.
Also, any songs to work on would be great...
Thanks again~
Wahrheit lied

Edit: I appreciate the Wolfmother suggestion, I'll look into it...
I need a sig. :O!
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