Thank you Mr. Smith, for the title.

A concious collapse
Back to the place
That makes you feel safe
Like nothing else has
A flying trapeze
Artist that swings
Between who you were
And who you'll be
Keeping the people you love in a knot
With the thought of you f.ucking this up
She told me once that I'm doing this to myself
I said I'd rather run the same lap backwards
Then trip over my feet in an attempt
To get on track
What about structure though? Verse Chorus etc
'08 Gretsch White Falcon
'98 Fender USA Deluxe Tele
'79 Greco Les Paul Standard
Airline Stratotone Crafter GAE8

A bunch of funky pedals

Handwired 50 Watt Plexi Lead Clone w/ Orange 4x12