Does that make anyone else mad...when you're at a show, and a huge solid breakdown comes along...and people find the nerve to MOSH to mosh to it? I mean really people, how do you mosh to something like that.

What i really come to see is the true hardcore dancing. With the arm flailing and kicking and ****, not to just bash eachother into themselves over and over again in a little circle.

Basically what i mean is hardcore dancing kicks ass.
yeah dude holy **** man what's your favorite move the arm flailing or the SHUT THE **** UP

it's because of kids like you that bitch so much that people hate hardcore so much and it's not "hardcore dancing" it's still mosh it's all ****ing mosh. MOSH. MOSH. MOSH.

this isn't something serious and this isn't a joke this is kids having fun so don't take it so seriously when kids **** up the pit for chiodos
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Prayers that a smile will flag me down.
**** hardcore dancing. Way to be just another hardcore kid. I hope you get kicked in your testes so hard, you can never reproduce. Hardcore dancing is a plague and should die. Hardcore dancing looks like kids with downs trying to fight invisible ninjas.
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Yes, I love going down loads of shows, covering my face of light foundation and wear eye liner and stuff so I look like a gay vampire, waving my legs and arms around so I look cool down in the pit.

Yeah, that's what I thought.


Hardcore dancing looks like kids with downs trying to fight invisible ninjas.

Seriously, people who ****ing whinge about moshing are ****ing bitches ... shut up no one ****ing cares. Winging and crying about it isnt going to stop people from moshing u dumb ****s. part of hardcore is bout having fun... and it just so hapens that people like to show their appreciation for bands by moshing and having fun. when ever i play shows in my band theres nothing worse then watching a bunch of dead ****s just standing there doing nothing. kids moshing makes the shows 10 times better for me. so for **** sake its not a crime get the **** over it.... maybe if u actually try moshing u might find its fun. if u dont mosh its fine just dont have a cry bout ppl who mosh and hit u accidently cos ure a dumb **** and stand too close to the pit.
There's a sticky on hardcore dancing
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