hello i intend putting a cry baby pedal into my guitar replacing the foot mechanism with a knob, seeing as the foot pedal only turns a pot.. is it possible to turn off the pedal without having to take out the battery ? i intend wiring the pedal to the input of the guitar
you could use a stereo input jack so when you remove your guitar cable from your guitar you dont waste the battery for the cry baby
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You could add a switch.

I don't think a onboard wah would be that useful imo.

maybe if it was an auto wah then yeh it could be
Yeah, but using a standard wah like he's talking about would be difficult to use while playing.

thatguy147 if you do want to add a on off switch 1800kssmyazz posted a diagram in another recent thread.

Edit: It's in the Project FASS BUZZ Bass Distortion Pedal thread.
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I think it could be useful, if you often used your wah in a parked position to get that honky tone like Michael Schenker. Though you could just leave it on the floor and keep its full usefulness. Wah circuits are pretty big as well, they might not fit in your control cavity
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haha thats a really good idea for a pedal I should design. A vintage boost!!!!! Yay im on it! I guess I got a night of working to do. Finish 3 pedals and design a vintage boost!!!! Cant wait.
i wouldnt be turning the knob whilst playing unless it was neccesary for a sustainted note, i would use it just for the effect turn the knob to my desired sound, just something to put in my customised guitar :-)
if your planning on buying one, dont bother, build one, because it will work out much cheaper if your just using the basic guts, and you should use push pull pots to switch the effect on and off. and have the other position as a volume or something
i picked up a cheap one on ebay that works fine, im going to try do the push pull pots thanks
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The Epi HB's are really muddy, terrible for neck position.
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if you shove it in the bridge and slam a coil tap on there (if its possible) then you have the ultimate flexibility IMO
If you wanted, you could add a sort of whammy bar on it to control it with your picking hand as you play, it would increase your access to it and mite look cool to have a double tremolo kinda thing goin on.

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here is just a rough idea of what it will look like, i still have to cut somewhere to put in the crybaby board lol