I hope I'm posting in the right forum/free from flamings and stuff. Anyway, does anyone know what cabs/effects/amps does The Bled use. Their sound is really significant and thrashy/trebly.

Thanks in advance.
Orange cabs,schecter guitars,marshall jcm 800(or 900 not sure) and a mesa boogie i think.
Is there any sort of effect pedal that can get as close to their sound as possible?
The first guitarist uses a jcm 800 with an orange cab and the other guitarist uses a orange head with a marshall cab.
Sorry man got no idea what pedals they use....best advice i can give is get a jcm800,try looking on ebay you could prob pick one up for about 500 euro.If you really don't have that money then just go to your local guitar shop and try out some distortion pedals see which one you like.
Cheers man, thanks for the help again. I think I'll go out and try some pedals. Thanks again.