Hey guys,im a reasonably new player, but want a long lasting and hardcore gutiar and an excellent amp which would go perfecrtly with a player who play a lot of classic and hard rock liek guns and roses but can turn it down for red hot chilli pepper tabs. Need help, i have about $1000 to splash on anything good your guys come upp with.
fender hass strat with a vox peavey valveking, or fender hot rod deluxe
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get a epiphone les paul standard or a epiphone g-400(vintage or regular doesn't matter), and go with a vox ad50vt or a 100watt vox, those epiphones sound great with rock and get some pretty nice cleans, but if u wanna gig u might wanna spend more on the amp and get 1 with tubes. Remember though the amp is 80% of the sound.
for amps look into a traynor 50 blue, traynor 15blue, traynor ycv40wr, fender blues jr. or hotrod, or the vox ad series if u want to spend a lil less and want some built in effects.
as for guitars, try out a lot of stuff at your guitar shop, a fender MIM fat strat would be very versatile, or maybe look into some schecters.
just try to play alot of guitars and amps to see what u like and what feels good.
Guitar wise you could go for a Fender Fat Strat; I'm pretty sure Frusciante plays a Fat Strat and it's extremely versatile because of the bridge humbucker. The trade off of course is that you won't get the amount of sustain a guitar like a Les Paul can give you.

Amp wise you should look at the Vox AD50VT or the AD30VT which are good quality modeling amps, the 50 should be giggable if you're that way inclined.
Wow a grand...I'm gonna have to say a nice tube amp like a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and a MIM Standard Strat, or Deluxe Players Strat.

This will give you an awesome sound.
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