idk which ones to start on...please give me the names and the link of the tab
thanks a lot
like...ive been playing for a year and 3 months
but still havent looked at any scales
alright...thanks people
hey broksta57 ive been playin 4 exactly the same time and am in the same situation- i dno any scales (except a chromatic scale n dats it)

ppl where can i find theory thats easy to undersand?
buy books, i found them far better than the lessons here, in books it sometimes is more basic
Learn the minor pentatonic pattern, then major scales and then modes from there. its probably already been said.
Learn the major pentatonic patterns along with the minors. They're really just modes of each other so you can get some cool sounding stuff out of them.
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Learn Ionian, Aeolian, minor pentatonic. (that's major, minor, minor pentatonic). Then you have the 2 essential scales plus a good scale for beginning solos. Then keep working and expanding your knowledge, learning the fretboard, etc.
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go to www.all-guitar-chords.com and go to the scales section at the top of the page. its pretty good and gives you like any kind of scale. deffinatly start off with the pentatonic major and minor scales and get used to using them in different keys. you'll probably use these scales the most. from there you can go into major scales and modes.