this is for the radiohead cover contest but I thought I'd post it here too. I have crap equipment and I dont have as hope of winning but I did my best with what Ive got. I did guitar and vocals and my friends with bass first then to try and make it slightly more original I added in various keyboards and guitars in backing tracks which I dont like doing but oh well crit 4 crit too I suppose

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Its not very well mixed but you said you dont have good equipment so it cant be helped, the vocals are nice, they'd definitly need to be louder, in fact, the whole songs got a nice tone and its fairly tight, the only major fault is its a bit fuzzy and your levels arent quite even but thats down to personal recording technique and personal taste.

Also the overall level of the song is up and down :S as well as the individual levels

for example

at 2.19 theres a loud guitar that comes in thats a little out of time and a little too loud,

otherwise i like it

nice job


crit for crit

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I think it was good, I just thought the instrumental intro was really off, the bass is ahead of the acoustic, which is playing ahead of the electric, but eventually the get on the same page kind of. If you guys had a metronome to play to it would be 200x better. Eternal Life was cool too, Buckley is the s h it
yep I agree with most of what you say except a metronone might not help when overdubbing (it was all done by me except bass) its so hard to hit the record button then run back to your intrument and play it in time but thanks for the crit I'll look at your song now
Chuck Norris has two speeds, walk and kill
Well I thought you did a good job on th vocals! Yea your levels could be a little better that guitar around 2:something was really loud! Overall a good jub just need to rework some of the levels!

Crit for Crit please
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XD yes none of the things I put in other than standard bass guitar and vocals did it for me apart from the synth at the end but it could be improved on thanks

I already have given you crit XD it was good I liked the way you managed to overdub it clearly youve got a much better chance in the contest than me though we all know that the karma police guy has won it already XD. Although that isnt one of radioheads better songs it fun to play and do angst ridden vocals :P
Chuck Norris has two speeds, walk and kill