Hi, one of my friends (a 17 years old girl) wants to learn rock-metal guitar, I think in a instructional DVD for practice in home. What are the best rock (or metal) metod???? Many people say "Buy the John Petrucci Rock Discipline", but i wanna hear more options.
Did Steve Vai make a video for his famous ten hour work out?

That's meant to be pretty usefull.
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Hardly. But it does help with soloing.

Rock Discipline helps with developing yourself as a guitar player though. Good for the intermediate player looking to improve his or her skills. Melodic Control does help with soloing, but it's easier to just learn theory and the scales involved than be a dumbass like Marty Frieman and "invent" your own scales, when knowing theory will tkae you right there without trial and error - not to say that your knowledge of intervals and experimentation shouldn't also be composing your solos and music. It's not all about the scales and that's one thing Marty had right.