How much would it cost to fit a Tremelo system/Whammy Bar on a Les Paul?


Any other guitar without one.....

Recently started playing Maiden in my band.....and they use alot of whammy bar stuff etc.....and i'd liek to strat incorporating that kind aof stuff into our own material.

I own a Richwood Les Paul and a crap Strat copy (which has a tremelo but goes out of tune (by like a note on each string) when used. (Only been playing a year and half)

I reckon in a year or two, i'll be getting an Ibanez DT-200 (Played it and love it) and they don't come with a tremelo so.....it'd be useful to know how much it would cost....

Floyd rose bout £100 or so.....to fit it depends... maybe another 100£ so best to buy a guitar wit one already.
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not sure how much it would cost, i know bigsby makes a tremolo unit for les pauls
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Here's another direct fit option


Depending on the neck angle, you have to watch out if you're going to drop in a floyd type tremolo...the bridge might have to be mounted fairly high in order to retain the proper string height.