they are a live act for me FOR SURE!!! i would never bother downloading their music, let alone, purchase any. HOWEVER, i would pay to see them in a heartbeat as long as the support bands were acceptable
Nah... This new album is ight dude.

It's another step up from War Party. Still thrashy, When they were saying " Absolutely the most brutal **** ever from gwar " Or " Our newest music is gunna tear your head off " I was expecting brutal death metal. But eh, It's still pretty good.
Ehh, I listened to GWAR before, but I thought they were pretty ****ty, however their live show beats a lot of other bands by far. I saw them this year and they seemed decent, but idk, I just don't like their music that much. I enjoy their killing though :P
Gwar are "special", i like it

hope the new album comes soon, and that it's gonna be good!
Gwar's one of those bands I go to when I wanna laugh and rock out. I don't have a CD, but I have "Penguin Attack" and one other on a mix CD I made, and they are great.

I know the second song's lyrics near the end are "And if I were a sperm, I'd consecrate my germ and tehn continue."
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Quote by Meatbag
Gwar are "special", i like it

hope the new album comes soon, and that it's gonna be good!

can you not read? im offering a leak here?!?! hello !?!?
They may not be as technical and skilled as other bands, but they are geniuses when it comes to performing, lyric writing, and showmenship.
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I hope that we could get some real metal out there. I guess A7X a start...
But nu metal does have its moments like Slipknot Mushroomhead and Korn.

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...Scales are basically the most useless thing in jazz...

I'd rather wait until i can go and buy it.
Can't wait for it though.
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Gwar kick ass and rape babies, how much cooler can they be. but the album pretty ****ing sweet, of course lacking the technicalities (f uck that has to be spelled wrong)