i have no experience with string gauges and need to know, if i tune my guitar to CGCFAD what string gauge should i use, it doesnt matter about my fingers if the strings are thick, just give me a good gauge any help is appreciated
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with 11's you still may experience some "floppiness" in the strings at that tuning. I would recommend anything higher than 11's
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When I used to tune down to Drop C, I used .12. It gave me a great tone, and built up a good amount of muscle. .011 could be good for you as well, depending on your preference.
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I use EB Power Slinkys which are .048 to .011 and they work perfectly fine for my drop C-ing.
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But I've played a Les Paul with 0.10 strings, in Drop-C. It sounded awesome, but that awesome sound could have come from the amp maybe?
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How about try Hybrid Slinkys....but regular slinkys give all the room you need down to C and up. If you want lower...get something of a bigger gauge...