This is a new song Iv put together, Id love to see what you guys think about it. Its got a more poppy vibe then the other stuff Iv written. I really pushed my voice alot, especially at the end.

It starts off with a really soft volume swell, it picks up later so dont worry if its really quite in the beginning.

Also I have a really short new instrumental on thier called "speechless" but you dont have to listen to that if you dont want.

But yeah tell me what you think of about "Getaways and better days" and leave me a link to crit you back!

Fade in in the intro takes too long.

Chords and harmonies used with the double tracking sounds awesome.

Stop time part sounds nice too.

I can't understand a word you're saying in the beginning.

Turn up the vocals in the beginning or just make the words more defined.

When the actual singing things get better, but a tiny bit pitchy.

Nothing too bad though at all.

Lyrics are pretty interesting.

Not quite sure what the random clicking was there for but it didn't sound bad.

Some of the double tracking goes slightly off time near the end.

The false ending was pretty good.

Overall, nice harmonies and double tracking.

Good stuff, the chicks must love you.

Crit mine?

^ Haha thanks bro, I just put the song into a mastering program to boost the volume where it is low, hopefully it helped out abit. I think it did anyway. But yeah those stupid clicks are just little things that should be there from when i was recording the tracks, stupid mic will pick up anything :/

but ohhhh well, ill get to critting yours now

and oh yeah, thanks for the chicks comment, my girlfriend adores this song haha :P
i actually liked the fade in intro, had a nice sound. what i do get rid of clickings at times (if its in the very beginging of the track) just fade it in, gets rid of it. vocals are kinda pitchy at times, and i dont really like the effect on it. it would sound good if it was only on the backing vocals that you do, but the lead it kidna takes away. a little bit of clipping i think i heard, maybe lower levels on vocals at times when you are really singing. pretty interesting song, not too bad
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I really loved the intro, fade in and the actual riff and all, it was pretty nice. The vocals are ok. I like the chorus when it kicks in, but i think it overdubs/clips a bit, so its a bit shaky on that. I like those guitar riffs that you have, they're pretty amazing. The vocals are ok, but they clip and you kinda overdo it a bit. But, overall its pretty good dude, nice job.

Would you please crit mine?
Type while listening.
Nice tone on your acoustic, although a bit on the bassy side. I'm getting a little muddiness here.

The beginning vocals are buried and almost indecipherable. Less reverb and echo on them. If you reveresed the stereo phase... remove that as well.

Look at your EQ and lower anything from 250Hz and below. Just mess with it until the (too punchy) sound is gone. Also kill anything over 4kHz's so you get nothing but what you've recorded.

Some of your vox is clipping. You're really belting out the vox and its clipping on those parts.

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Indeed, the intro was a little slow for me, and the initial vocals were very quiet. Some clipping, blah blah, pretty much what everyone else has said.

The recording is very good quality though, and the playing is top notch. Just a few nit-picky things. Maybe lower the reverb on the main vocals. Very good job though, just a tad of work on the mixing, and it would make a nice ballad.
wow man, i really liked that alot, that was great, i dont see what was wrong about it, the vocals were pretty good, weird effects you used, but i really liked the guitar work. great job.
Intro was great. Actually I loved the guitar in this - it's all very quirky. I'm not all that fond of the melody though, it's so all over the place - it might actually be down to personal taste, because some people like something that isn't so structured. The vocals are pitchy at points - but yeah people have mentioned that before, atleast you sing with a lot of emotion and let go - which many aren't able to do, myself included at times heh - so kudos to you on that. guitar at 2:40 - soooo nice.

Anyhoo I'm a rambler - guitar : amazing, melody : not so keen on.

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Acoustic guitar tone is very pleasant, especially with the panned dual guitars.
Your voice is pretty decent, but I just dont like all the reverb. It's just my preference. Also, the panned voices are cool, maybe try more harmonizing when you're singing at the same time?
Maybe turn down the vocals a bit, theyre a bit loud and that affects the recording quality.
I really like 2:49.

This was great, just turn down the vocals, and cut back on the reverb.
^ I use an MR-8 and I use the onboard mic. Then I master it on the recorder itself, then I put it into the computer and run it through some audio mixin programs until I like the sound. Thats basically it.
Those two guitars work really well together. The tone on the chordier one is a little trebly, but its probably the guitar you use. The vocals sound a little too much like a Robert Smith rip-off but a little emo. I do really like the guitars though. You are a good guitarist and arranger in that respect. Some of the bits are a little off time (some chords coming in a little late on the right side). Only suggestion is to try something different vocally.

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^ Okay thank you for that suggestion, in all honesty this was the first time Iv tried projecting my voice but I kinda like it like that, and yeah Im sorry about some of the recording screw ups, trust me its nothing professtional
I liked it. The harmonies are all great and the intro was really nice. Your voice is fine but you're a little flat in places. You do need to work on your voice though, sometimes when you're harmonizing one track is flat and it's very noticeable. Very nice song though