I play lefty and im thinking of getting a right handed guitar, because i cant find the model i want in left handed. I was chating with the guy at my local music store and he said i should just buy a left handed guitar, i was wondering if anyone has any helpful info. Thanks.
It depends on how you feel while your playing. Try playing a righty, and If you like it than buy one. If it doesn't feel comfortable, than look for a different model lefty.
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Which model do you want? Maybe we can help you find it online.

Are you thinkin' of buyin a righty guitar to get a lefty nut and bridge? Or just playing right handed?
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im thinking of getting a righty strat and getting a lefty nut and bridge, and the model is a 69 NOS
Yeah that wouold work but to many people would say your are trying too hard to be like Jimi.
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Its all upon personal preference IMO. I'm left handed, but I play a righty cause I find it akward playing a lefty.
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Im a lefty and I play lefty....it sucks cause a lot of sig guitars and nice guitars are not available left handed...but o well life is rough...and yourew amoung the elite few who play left handed...think of it that way
I would just find a guitar that you like that is lefty. If you play a righty strat style like a lefty, you are losing upper fret access.