Crackling is not likely coming from the speaker.

Also, bass drivers are not called "horns." A horn is a specialized speaker used for public address like at a football stadium and frankly the quality is shiit, but they throw the human voice really far and that's exactly what they are supposed to do.

Your bass driver is probably not broken if it's putting out bass. Crackling sounds commonly occur when dust and debris gets into the pot.

I know, dirt in your pot is bad.

But a common problem (other than dirty weed) is dirty volume controls, which are called potentiometers or "pots." The dirt can cause a crackling sound to be amplified through the system, which is obviously not good. A bass amp produces particularly low frequencies which (in case you haven't noticed, lol) can shake and vibrate things, like your bong, or the dirt inside your pot.

When the dirt rattles around in there, you get a crackling sound.

Do you get crackling when you turn the volume up or down, or adjust the EQ? (Turn the pots?)

If that's the case, buy new ones. They are fairly standard and relatively cheap. Just make sure you work on it with the unit unplugged and you may want to practice soldering a bit before commiting to soldering your amp.

If you don't know what soldering is, well, go to Radio Shack and find out. I suggest a 60 watt iron, a spring stand and a wet sponge. Also, use the old-fashioned lead-based solder. The silver or rosin core stuff is worthless. I frankly don't know what it's for as I melt pretty much everything around, get third degree burns and practically set the damn house on fire before the shiit melts. Lead-based solder melts nice and easy.
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Yeah, I know what a horn is, there's a horn in the cab. Weird, I know.

It's a small one in the centre of the four speakers and theres a pot on the back that's labeled 'Horn Volume'.

I really doubt that it's the pots because nothing happens when you adjust the volume or eq's. The speakers are all in good condition, so the horn is the the only other thing I could think of besides the head itself.

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